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July 26, 2010

Alexandra Misstrom, millionaress and pet fan come to the office of Dr.
Schatz. She was on her way to a cameo appearance in a health spa
commercial center, so she had stopped by for a routine checkup as she always did before. Dressed in her jeans and pink top, she wasn’t pretty but her father was a millionare, so she was scared to dress fancy.Wearing her common clothes, Alexandra entered the office.

“Hello? Is there Anybody here?” said Alexandra Misstrom, as she entered the
hallway, only to be put to sleep by Dr. Schatz in the same quick
style as before. Dr. Schatz sat Alexandra Misstrom in an armless chair and
removed her slippers, revealing her pretty stockinged feet.
“Oh yes. Very pretty. But we must get some ropes. Yes, many ropes for
this one.” said Dr. Schatz. (she was a joker, well may be not)
Dr. Schatz ordered Alexandra Misstrom to go to the gynochair and put her legs on stirrups spread well.
Placing her elbows at her sides, Schatz tied her cute hands to the ends of the
chair and then bound her feet to the stirrups with another silk rope cord.

Then Dr. Schatz wrapped the rope tightly around Tiffany’s arms at her elbows, then criss-crossing over Alexandra’s breasts, tying her firmly to the top of the chair.

As a final measure, Dr.
Schawtz has putted a vaginal speculum inside Alexandra’s wet vagina to reveal her deepness.

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