asian gyno exam videos

June 15, 2013

It was a good job I was strapped into those stirrups a my reaction was to draw back as that tube was threaded into my anus. His idea of relaxing so that he could get his tube past my anal sphincter was ver far from my mind. With murmurs of approval for the view on the screen of what it was seeing inside of me. It was like being impregnated in the anus by a very, very long penis. Not that I ever had been, it was just my imagination. He must have threaded at least a hundred centimetres into me before he pronounced himself satisfied and eased it out again.

The straps round my legs were released and I was instructed to kneel on the couch with my bum well up in the air and my knees as far apart as possible. Lubricant was applied to my labia and into my vagina by a freshly gloved hand before once again my pussy lips were held apart and another probe slid into my vagina. I could see the picture on one of the monitors and it eventually gave me an excellent view of my cervix in all its moist glory! Then out it came with a plop!

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