brunette hardcore gyno exam by hunk doctor

December 22, 2011

She was squirming almost instantly so I began to twist and move the thermometer in out of her ass, occasionally spanking her to keep her attention focused. When the time was up, I removed the thermometer and noted the almost 100 degree reading. I put lube on my middle finger and inserted it into her ass. She almost went through the roof! This is what she really wanted.

So, I put two fingers in her ass. Combined with rubbing her clit and finger fucking her ass, she had a pretty good orgasm and commented that she understood why Samantha wanted me to fuck her ass.

I should have taken that as an invitation, but I thought we had made enough progress on this fumbled recovery, so I let it pass. I cleaned her up and she got dressed and—and we parted friends that had gotten together to enjoy each other’s mutual interests.

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