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August 9, 2011
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My middle finger found her rectum, where I permitted it to tease the area for a while. When I sensed that Stacey was becoming used to this stimulation, I removed my fingers from between her buttocks and stopped stroking the inside of her thigh. Stacey looked back in time to see me shaking down the other thermometer next to the one that I had used earlier. I reached into the drawer beneath the examining table and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly.

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Opening the tube, I applied some to my middle finger. Then, I spread Stacey’s buttocks and applied lubricant around her rectum. Very gently and slowly, I slipped my finger slightly into her rectum, feeling the tightness as she gasped. I removed my finger and applied lubricant to the thermometer.

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“Oh, doctor. This is so embarrassing and unnecessary”, Stacey complained.

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With that comment, I lightly spanked her bottom and spread her legs. She began to whimper as I separated her buttocks, placed the tip of the thermometer against her rectum, and slowly inserted it. The thermometer now inserted, I let her buttocks close upon it, and I stepped back to allow it time to register. What a lovely sight to behold…My young and beautiful Stacey lying on the examination table in this most humbling position.

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