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May 17, 2011

I started for the door but Karen the other nurse reached out and grabbed my arm. She shook her head when I looked at her. Debbie got off the table and stood beside Karen facing the wall behind us. She was holding her belly and I could see that it was full and sticking out. The doctor then told Karen of what she had done to deserve a lesson and She too went behind the screen and got on the table and received the same amount of enemas and a spanking. I could see beads of sweat on Debbie’s brow as she held her enema while Karen received her lesson.

Karen then made her way to my other side and they turned around and we all looked at the doctor as he listed a long list of things that he though I could do better. I spoke up saying, “I’m a new nurse …it will take me time to learn everything.”

The doctor shook his head and said, “That’s why you must get a lesson….If you are to work with me you must learn how to do things right.”

The other nurses took my arms and led me to behind the screen to help me disrobe and put on a gown. Debbie whispered in my ear, “You must do this …we can’t release our enemas until your lesson is done ..so please help and hurry.”

I did as Debbie said and got the gown on and then they helped me to the table where the bags were hanging from the pole and the doctor was between the stirrups waiting for me to get into position. Each nurse stood on each side of the table with me. They helped me get into position and just stood there holding their bellies. The doctor reached between my legs and I felt the cold of the lubricant. I winced as his finger invaded my anus and he pushed the nozzle into me. The hot water rushed into my rectum and up into my colon filling it rapidly. I squirmed as cramps hit me and the nurse’s placed my hands on the small hand grips at my sides. I could see that they wanted to make this go quick so they could expel there fluid.

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After all the soapy water was in me I was helped into the knee chest position, my belly felt better this way. I then felt the doctors gloved hand come down hard upon my bottom. “Ouee” I squealed as the sting hit my bottom. I squirmed some more as each hit reddened and burned my bottom. I then felt a gush of hot water and my tummy tried to rebel as it stretched, “Oh I can’t take any more,” I yelled and the nurse’s just held me tight as the water continued to flow.

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