Exclusive pre-employment gyno exam

April 18, 2011


Candy moved to a new town after college and was on search for a god job. Luckily she had to wait for no more than a month before her resume was answered and she was asked for an interview. She was all right, they said, but they needed her to go thru a physical examination to make sure she was not pregnant. Candy was embarrassed on hearing that she had to go to gyno clinic and have a medical examination but she needed job badle so she headed to her firsttime gyno examination.

She was totally confused on finding out the doctor was a man. She shyly entered his room and  waited for his orders. But his caring attitude and gentle manners got her relaxed soon and she came to like him. She took off her cliothes and let him examin her breasts and listen to her heartbeat, then she lay down on the examination table and spread her legs.

he sat on a special low chair and palpated her pink cleavage, genly touching the clitoris to see if she reacts. He lubricated her vagina and slowly inserted a speculum and then opened it wide until she could feel cool air inside.

He took some pap smears, palpated her rectum and before he finished the exam he gave her sanitizing syringe.

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