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November 26, 2010

As the exam progressed, Elizabeth noticed that his hand was very
slightly rubbing and squeezing her ass cheek. She was surprised by that
but liked the way it felt. The doctor finally finished the exam and
pulled out the tubing out of her asshole. He got up and walked over to a
drawer to get some paper towels. As he did, she could see him out of the
corner of her eye. She saw that his pants had a very pronounced bulge in
front! She instantly realized that he had gotten an erection at the
sight of her nakedness! This startled her and caused feelings of
uncertainty within her. Should she stay quiet or say something to him
about it?

Elizabeth was somewhat of a timid person and didn’t wish to make a scene
so she stayed quiet. At the same time, this unique situation was
stimulating her sexually despite her best efforts to suppress the
feelings. She decided to play this by ear and see what developed next.
She could always stop it if it went too far. He sat back down and
started to wipe off some of the excess K-Y Jelly that had oozed onto her
ass cheeks during the exam. This rubbing felt real good and when he
wiped her pussy lips it sent an electric charge throughout her loins!
She noticed that his breathing was becoming more rapid and she wondered
what he was doing back there.

Elizabeth peered over her shoulder and saw that he was rubbing his cock
through his pants while he was wiping off her ass! He glanced up and
finally noticed that she was looking at him and he stopped his stroking.
She couldn’t take her eyes off of his crotch because the bulge looked so
massive! He realized what she was staring at and got a big grin on his
face. He then slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest stiff
cock that she had ever seen in the flesh! It looked to be at least 9”
long, very thick and veiny. Her husband’s cock was puny in comparison to
this monster! In spite of her shock, she was mesmerized at the sight of
it sticking straight out just like a flag pole!

The doctor stood up and walked to the other side of the table where
Elizabeth’s head was. She was terrified but, at the same time, even more
sexually excited than before. He dropped his pants and brought the head
of his cock to within inches of her face and proceeded to stroke that
thick shaft slowly. She could see a bit of pre-cum oozing out of his
cock hole. He moved forward and lightly touched her lips with the head.
In a trance, she parted her lips and allowed him to slowly push his cock
into her mouth. His cock head had a slightly musky and salty taste to
it. Her tongue lightly flicked the head and this produced soft moans
from him. She reached up and grabbed his shaft with one hand and cupped
his big hairy balls with the other. Her fingers could not completely
encircle the shaft because of it’s girth. She had sucked Nick’s cock
many times in the past but this was a totally different situation for
her. He pushed in a bit further but quickly pulled back because she
started to gag a bit. He tried again and she let her throat relax so it
could go in further.

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