Gyno exam fetish

October 17, 2010

“Five minutes then we’re through with this part of the exam, Cydney.” I
feel your fingers begin to twist and twirl the rod. Mmmmm, this is
interesting, this has never happened before but I like it, a LOT!!!!
Before long you remove the thermometer to read the results.
cheerleader medical examination
She was a senior. A cheerleader. She was rich. Her family was established and well-connected, her daddy a member of the City Council of Beverly, Texas. And she was beautiful, heart-breakingly, staggeringly beautiful, in the way a pampered princess of 18 years can be.

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“You’re temp is slightly elevated, we’ll have to do this again before
we’re finished here.”
I feel you wipe the residual gel from my bottom. “To continue your exam,
Cydney, I need to remove your panties. Lift up and I’ll help take them
off of you.”
I raise myself up and you continue to roll my panties down my thighs,
over my knees, then slip them over my ankles. I see you lay them on top
of the neat stack of clothing I’ve left in the chair. “Now, let’s turn
over, I’m going to begin your gynecological exam now.”

I take my time getting into position and you help me to speed things up.
“Scoot to the edge of the table, let your bottom hang off a bit, there
you go.” Taking my left ankle you guide my foot it to it’s proper place
in the stirrup then the same with my right foot. I’m a bit embarrassed
as I have recently had a Brazilian bikini wax and am not quite sure how
you, as a doctor, will react. My knees are touching and you gently begin
to pry them apart.

“Relax, Cydney, please let your knees fall apart. Here, let me help
you.” You gently but firmly push my knees apart. I hear a sharp intake
of breath as you see my naked vulva for the very first time. Clearing
your throat you begin to tell me what to expect during the exam. “I
always begin my exams with a close visual inspection of your outer
vaginal area, then I’ll move on to the bi- manual exam, next will be the
vaginal/rectal exam, and then I’ll finish up with a rectal exam.”

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