gyno exam of my girlfriend

November 21, 2010

special examinationspecial examinationI was dating Jane at the time this took place and she always had me go
with her to the doctor. She hated doctors and since I was a paramedic
she used me to help translate what was going on.
We arrived for her appointment which was to be for her yearly check up
and the doctor came in to the exam room in a few minutes. He chatted
with her for a few minutes and then went through the breast exam and the
pelvic exam and then had her roll over for the rectal exam. She was not
happy but always complied just glad to have it over.

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After the exam he sat down and thumbed through the chart and made a few
notes. He then dropped the bomb. He wanted her to have a lower G.I.
series and she was behind on her shots.
“Shots ?”she asked.
“Yes you need a tetanus, flu, and your depo for your birth control and
due to your age we are not sure if you MMR is current so we need one of
those also.”

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She was counting and not happy as the nurse turned to fix them. “Okay,”
she said. “We can do two up and two down or all down. Your choice.”

“What a choice, either way I lose. Okay,” she says. “All down but I want
two at a time so we can get it over with. You do one and he does one,”
pointing to me. She rolled over on the table and slid up the paper gown
she had own as the nurse handed me a syringe and an alcohol prep. We
quickly dispatched the first two as Jane gripped the edge of the table
and complained. We did not wait but quickly injected the last two
causing her to give us a loud ouch.

Jane sat up and started to dress but the nurse told her that we still
had to do the other test. Jane was surprised since I thought it would be
later and at the hospital but the nurse explained that they could do it
right there with some prep first. I already knew what the prep meant as
she wheeled out the stand with the red bag and long tube attached.

“What are you doing ?” Jane asked.

“You will need at least two if not three enemas to make sure you are
totally flushed out before the test. Please roll on your left side
first,” and the nurse quickly donned her gloves, lubed the nozzle and
inserted it in Jane’s ass before she could protest. The clamp was
released and the flow started as I walked around and started to massage
her stomach to ease the cramps. She was soon yelling for her to stop but
there was still quite a bit to go and finally the last bit went in and
she was told to hold it. Jane groaned with the cramps and finally the
nurse helped her to the bathroom and while she was there filled another

Jane returned and looked at the second bag and said, “Not another.”

“Yes another and this time I want you on your hands and knees with your
butt in the air. This will allow the solution to reach higher and clean
you out better.”

I watched as Jane presented her cute ass to us and the nozzle slid in
and the flow started. This time I could see her stomach distend with the
solution until finally she had taken the whole bag. She was left in the
position for some time and then helped to the bathroom.

After a time she returned looking pretty beat up and drawn and the nurse
told us that we could go down to x-ray and they would run the test now.
We arrived at x-ray and Jane was told to sit on the table and as she did
I saw the large bag of white solution hanging next to it. The nurse
explained that Jane would receive an enema of the white solution which
would help outline the different organs and during the test air would
also be induced to move the solution along and distend the intestines.
Jane told the nurse that she did not feel she could hold any more enemas
after what she had just been through and the nurse told her not to worry
the nozzle had an inflatable cuff to take care of that.

Jane was told to get on her hands and knees and the nurse moved her gown
aside and using her gloved had lubricated her rectum and then the nozzle
and told her to take a deep breath as she slid the large nozzle inside.
Jane groaned and gripped the edge of the table. The nurse then began to
inflate the cuff causing more groans from Jane as the cuff expanded
inside her ass stretching the muscles.

Finally the nurse told us she was ready to start the solution and that
we could watch it progress on the little TV monitor at the head of the
table. She released the clamp and the solution started running as Jane
started to take some deep breaths and her stomach started to distend
again. I could also hear the air being pumped in with the solution every
so often and then Jane was yelling for them to stop she could not handle
any more. The nurse told her that we were about half done and that she
would give her something to make her relax and picked up a syringe and
wiped a spot on Jane’s upturned ass and quickly injected the solution.
Jane jumped from the stick but at this point was to wiped out to do much
more. The injection took effect fairly fast and her breathing calmed and
the rest of the solution was allowed to run in. The nurse removed the
nozzle and helped her to the bathroom which was just a few feet away and
Jane spent a long time there returning weak and shaky. The nurse told
her she could get dressed and be sure to drink lots of fluid to flush
out the dye.

I helped Jane home and to the bathroom numerous times before she got
back to normal. The test results showed nothing wrong and the doctor
told her that it would be a few years before she needs another one. I
don’t even want to think about her reaction at the next one.

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