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December 2, 2010

The phone rang, I immediately recognized the voice of my Mistress, Erica
R. She told me that she would pick me up in two hours and that I was to
take a bath, making sure that all of my holes were clean, and fix my
hair. I was to put on the red velvet mini skirt and white satin blouse
that she bought for me yesterday. She added that I would be punished if
I wore either a bra or panties.

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I was checking my makeup for the third time when I heard the car horn
blow. Once in the car I was order to raise my skirt and to spread my
legs apart. Mistress reached over and began to finger my slit saying
“Darling if you embarrass me today by not following my orders I will
Punish you very severely, do you understand me Slave.”

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“YES MISTRESS! but where are we going?” I gasped. Her fingering had
caused my pussy to start to juice up. Mistress removed her hand from my
soaking pussy and held her glistening fingers to my lips and told me to
lick them. As I sucked her fingers clean of my pussy cream she said that
I had an appointment with her gynecologist in a few minutes.

doctor tushy

I was relieved that there was no patients waiting or a receptionist in
the doctor’s office, because before we left the car Mistress had
fastened a collar and leash around my neck. She was now leading me down
a corridor, Mistress spoke loudly “Tracy! are you here?”

“Yes Erica, please go to the examination room I will be there in a
minute,” came a feminine reply. I ask Mistress if her gynecologist was a
woman as she led me into the examining room. “Of course she a woman
Lori. You know that I would never allow a man to touch me let alone
examine my breast or my pussy. Just the thought of a male touching my
cunt makes me sick,” was her reply. Still holding the leash Mistress
ordered me to kneel on my fingers beside her. As the doctor enter I was
struck by her youth and beauty, she was almost as good looking as my

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