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February 7, 2010

Hello The friend of my has just updated

his gyno exams site with new links to medical fetish sites

Gyno Exams Fetish

section and asked me to review it and link to it from the post

I think this would be great for my visitors looking for medical fetish exams

links to sites with gyn exam movies and pictures

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and let me tell you a story

Plumping Crissy
By Doctor X

When Amber told me about the formula she had developed and how she had injected me with it I developed a plan for revenge. Crissy was very popular when I was in high school. Though I wasn’t popular back then I wasn’t bad looking either and I was the only one that ever had the courage to stand up to her. This really embarrassed her and she was always trying to embarrass me or prove she was better or some bullshit like that. That is how I knew that when Amber invited her to come and see what she had done to me that Crissy just wouldn’t be able to refuse the chance to mock and humiliate me. How I was going to love making that bitch as large as I had become.

doctor tushy movie Medical Video I could here Amber coming in the front door. I was lying on the bed naked as usual. At this size I can’t get clothes on without help and my stomach flab covers my crotch now anyway. Though since the day that Amber injected me with her formula my nipples had expanded greatly and my breasts were the fastest growing part of my body. I could hear them coming down the hall now. Crissy without knowing it would have already been on her way to becoming a BBW. The plan was for Amber to offer Crissy a refreshing glass of milk. Crissy, not wanting to be rude to her host, until she got what she wanted would naturally have accepted the somewhat strange, but reasonable offer.


They were coming in the room now. The moment I had been waiting for was finally here. Crissy looked just as I had remembered. She was 5’1″ tall, thin as a rail, and had small b cup breasts. When she saw me lying there on the bed in all of my 500lb glory she burst into laughter. “Its really true you’re nothing more than a blob of fat.”

“Yes, this is true Crissy, but I like being a huge blob of fat. Amber and I love each other and if she wants me to be this large then that is fine with me. I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me. She would even lure someone who hated me here so that I could have revenge on them.”


That got here attention and for a second she showed her nervousness. “Just how do you expect to get revenge on me when you can barely move that fat ass of yours?”

“Let me answer that question with one of my own. Have you had anything to drink since you’ve been here?”

Crissy’s eyes showed the terror that she was feeling inside at that moment. The milk that she drank started kicking in at that moment as well. Her speech slurred as she said, “What did you do to me?” Then she collapsed on the floor.

“She’s out cold,” said Amber stating the obvious. “She only drank one glass of that special milk. That much won’t keep her out for very long.”

“We can still have a little fun before she wakes up though.” I said as I pulled her in close to me and gave her a big kiss. She moved down to the bottom of my belly and I helped her lift my rolls of fat off of my rock hard cock. She sucked on me until I came, which didn’t take long with all the excitement and she swallowed all of my cum.”

By this time Crissy was beginning to wake up. Amber quickly went over, picked her up and brought her over to the bed. Amber laid Crissy next to me and I moved her head so that her mouth was on my nipple. She reflexively started sucking and was rewarded when my nice warm breast milk started flowing into her mouth. She had drained my left breast and most of my right before she woke up enough to realize what she was doing.

“No, no I can’t be doing this. What have you done to me you sick freak?”

“Hey, you were the one sucking my breasts.”

“I’m getting so tired. Must stay awake.” But it was pointless to fight the sedative was too strong for her to resist. As she slept I got to see her plump up before my very eyes. She was wearing a tight shirt that came down to just below her breasts leaving her tone tummy completely exposed. She also had on a tight pair of low rider jeans. If she had curves to show this would have been the outfit for it. Crissy’s exposed tummy was the first part of her body to succumb to all the calories that she had just consumed. It puffed out just enough to hang down over the top of her jeans. Her hips and butt were next. Expanding until the jeans exploded off of her exposing the jiggling fat beneath. Her face, chest and arms however appeared to have not been affected at all.

When she next awoke I knew that she would be addicted to the milk now and that she would eventually beg me to give it to her. So I waited for her to become completely awake before I did anything this time. “You’re filling out mighty well Crissy. Go take a look at yourself in the full length mirror over there if you want.
She got up and went over to the mirror. “No, I look like a total freak now.” She screamed and cried.

“This is true you do indeed look freakishly disproportionate. I can help you with that, but first you have to come over here and suck my dick.”

“I doubt that I could even find your dick in all that flab.”

“Fine if that is the way you feel then you can just stay like that for the rest of your life.”

“No, wait. I don’t want to be fat, but I definitely don’t want to look like this for the rest of my life either. I will do it.” She came over to me. I helped her raise my huge stomach off of my swollen cock and she took it into her mouth and gave me a great blowjob.

“That was great, Crissy. Since you helped me out I’ll help you now come over her and suck on my breasts.” She came up and sucked them both dry. She fell asleep again and again I got to see her plump up. Once again her stomach grew. It became large and round this time though. Her face grew round and she got a double chin. Her arms bulked up as well. Most interestingly to me however was the breast growth that she experienced. They grew to be at least two sizes larger than they had been splitting open her shirt. She was not wearing a bra so her breasts were fully visible to me at this time. As I looked on at her in her naked state I knew that life was going to be good from now on.


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