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June 9, 2013

Dr Mitchell was feeling depressed. Yesterday he learned that his wife had a young lover and was going to divorce him. So he was mostly annoyed upon seeing the flirtatious chick who came for complete medical. He filled in the questionnaire after asking some questions. And told her to undress and put on the medical gown for the examination.

When the girl bent down for flexibility test Dr. Mitchell assessed her nice round ass and felt an idea forming in his brain. What if her took revenge on his unfaithful wife.

When the teen spread her legs on the gyno chair and clean shaved pussy was revealed he felt he was going to bang that cunt be it for revenge or no.

After full pelvic exam he unzipped his pants and took out his semi hard penis so it was in full view of the surprised patient. The chick was pleased to see the effect produced by seeing her pussy and spread her pussy lips to allow him easy access. watch hardcore gyno videos

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