mature gyno exam

December 27, 2011

I ran my hands down each arm, and then down her sides.  I cupped her tits with my hands and she began to tense up.  I took her nipples

between my fingers and began to lightly pull on them.  “Lie back”, I instructed, “with your arms above your head”.  She immediately did as she was told, and I noticed how her tits flattened out but her nipples stood up.  I ran my finger around each nipple until it became erect.  Then I “examined” each tit by rubbing it.  As her automatic responses

to   my touch began to happen, she started to cry, “Please, sir, this is terrible.  Please stop”, she said.  I stopped my gentle caressing
and pinched each nipple.  “Remember, I am the doctor and this is your examination”, I scolded her.

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