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June 22, 2011

After that I started on the abdominal exam… palpating her tummy , asking her if there was any tenderness at all, she replied no, so I then thought OK this is the big one, so I then said that we would do the vaginal exam, and asked her to bend her knees, and relax, I then snapped on some rubber gloves, and parted her labia, with one hand and looked at her outer lips, and checked all the outer area, I then took a tube of KY jelly, and took the speculum, and smeared some on the bills of it, then carefully pushed it inside her vagina, then I looked inside her vagina, and noted the size of her uterus, and she also said that she wasn’t due for a pap smear, as she had had one recently, so I was kind of relieved to hear that.

I then withdrew the speculum, and set about the bi-manual exam, so I inserted my index finger, and then my middle finger into her opening and pushed them right in, I felt inside, and remembered to keep the internal fingers still, and felt her tummy where I could feel her, cervix, and then her, ovaries, then I said to her that I would also do a rectal exam, to which she replied is that totally necessary, and I said it was, so she agreed..

So I then took off my gloves and put some fresh ones on, then I took some more KY jelly and smeared some on my finger, and asked her to lie on here side, and she did so, I then parted her buttocks, and smeared some KY on her bottom, and asking her to take a deep breath, pushed my index finger very gently up her bottom, she winced a little bit, so I said try to relax, and bear down on my finger, she did so, which made the exam a lot easier.

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