medical fetish erotic story

June 17, 2011

Lisa stepped back and sat on the chair, watching him move between her patient’s legs. She reached over and pushed the button in, locking the door. It would not do for anyone to walk in on this highly unusual method or treatment. He undid his belt and pants and let them fall, then pulled his boxers down over his cock. She lifted the smock, exposing her tits as he moved closer.

Her hand went to her crotch then, spreading her pussy lips, feeling the heat and wetness that had developed there as the doctor and nurse has talked and she had seen his cock. He was nervous,medical but the smell of her musk and sight of her wet, spread pussy was enough to clear any doubts from his mind. His mother had said that in the end men were all pigs, and he was about to prove her right. Marta looked at his face as he pushed his cock into her opening, her breath coming more quickly already. She began to caress her breasts as she watched him enter her. Glancing at Lisa she saw that she had her pants undone and her hand between her legs, stroking herself with her right hand and pinching her hard, pink nipple with the other.
gynoIt was all very erotic. Lisa’s eyes met hers as James’s cock entered her finally, popping into her. He seemed huge, monstrous and she let out a groan that she could not control.

Hereyes widening as she looked down at his cock.

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