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November 13, 2010

I had never had a pre-employment physical before being hired for my
present job, but this one time was a doozy. I’m 26, female, brunette and
a professional secretary. During my last job interview my prospective
boss, a handsome middle aged man, said he’d hire me (at a terrific
salary) as soon as I passed the company physical. I was on cloud nine as
I left and mentioned the good news to the fifth floor receptionist. I
asked her about my medical exam and she smiled saying it was just a
routine physical and not to worry. She suggested that I get it over with
immediately and I said, O.K. Then the girl phoned downstairs to the
medical office to see if I could be taken right away without a prior
appointment. She hung up and said that they weren’t too busy. So the
young receptionist took me personally down to the nurse’s office.

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Two medical assistants, both young women in their early twenties,
greeted me warmly and welcomed me to the company. I was led to believe
that a complete physical examination was mandatory for anyone newly
employed. One of the two, a blonde, led me into a fully equipped medical
examining room and instructed me to undress. I stripped bare and
presented myself. At the assistant’s suggestion I slipped my shoes back
on and I was ready. I had expected a gown of some sort, but to my
surprise none was offered. The second assistant was called into the room
and together they began to examine me. Part of the time I stood and part
of the time I sat and at one point I was asked to bend over and spread
my buttocks so that my anal area could be inspected. All results were
written down by one while the other poked around.

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After about ten minutes of this the blonde asked me to climb onto the
table. I noticed the second girl was adjusting the stirrups. Nervously I
assumed the classic position with my knees raised and my feet well
spread. While I was lying there naked, one girl called on the intercom
for the doctor to come in.

Watch the entire movie now!

The doctor was a young, handsome man.
Embarrassed and blushing I laid there nude as the two girls exchanged
greetings with the physician. With both young assistants in attendance
the doctor examined my vagina. Several times he slipped his gloved
fingers into me causing a sensation which I found curiously thrilling.
The girls repositioned me slightly and next I felt the doctor’s finger
slipping intrusively into my anus. The rectal exam seemed to take longer
than it should have, the doctor’s finger lingering almost casually. Both
assistants seemed riveted with interest and curiosity as they used their
hands to hold my hips in position. Finally the doctor, having completed
his duties, left the room.

The examination was far from finished, however. The blonde assistant
took me into the bathroom for a urine and stool specimen. Next came the
X-rays. For those I had to follow the younger woman down a lengthy
corridor to the X-ray department. I simply can’t describe the unusual
feeling of embarrassment I had as I walked along in just my shoes. I
felt so vulnerable. Just a half hour earlier I was sitting in my best
business suit being interviewed and now here I was in the same building
walking around naked! I suppose I’m over- reacting, but it all didn’t
seem natural to me.

At the X-ray room, the blonde turned me over to the technician on duty,
a middle aged woman who seemed to delight in barking orders in a gruff
voice. It was shoes off and onto the table as she positioned me this way
and that. To my horror I was ordered to remain in the final posture,
half kneeling with my bottom in the air, until the plates were
developed. I felt totally absurd. Suddenly I felt a hand patting my rear
end. It was the blonde assistant again. She reminded me not to move so I
knelt fast. Next the second assistant arrived to see how things were
going followed by the lab technician. They all stood around chatting. I
could have died from embarrassment. The door was wide open and another
female from one of the offices upstairs came in to spend her coffee
break. As soon as I could I got my shoes on and dashed back for my

I got the job so I’m not complaining, but I couldn’t have imagined a
more embarrassing situation. The idea of having non-medical personnel
when a patient was nude seemed unthinkable. In fact later I described my
examination to the head of the steno pool. She seemed shocked and
surprised and told other female employees, especially the good looking
ones and a couple of them admitted to similar experiences. Oddly enough
these examinations always took place when the same two medical
assistants were on duty. One very attractive secretary said she’d been
called down every six months for a complete physical and always by the
same two young women. She just assumed it was company policy.

If there is something that I can do, just who should I complain to?
Obviously these two girls set company policy. Maybe they get their kicks
from having other women strip and be examined. Is there really any way I
can avoid them in the future?

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