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August 15, 2011

nurses exposed

The site Exposed nurses features cute gyno clinic employees who stay after work and film some speculum play.

The gyno speculum as a lot of people call it, is a medical instrument, which is used by doctors and gynecologists to open a woman’s vagina during examinations.

The vaginal speculum has always been a man’s best friend and is extensively used as part of the equipment in many medical fetishes. Whether it be in role play for the amateur gynecologist or to open the vagina for activities like catheter play, stretching urethra or the insertion of sounds into the urethra (pee hole), the speculum plays a vital part.

Another important reason for owning a speculum is self examination.

As a woman you might like to know yourself what your vagina looks like inside, or you might like to have a peek at your cervix to find out when and if you are most fertile. There is no reason why you couldn’t examine yourself with the help of a hand mirror and a flashlight.

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