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October 28, 2010

My kind of fetish is a very “medical” one, so I usually seek
professional help. As you know, northern Europe is filled with “White
Rooms”, that’s to say fictional clinics where professional and trained
mistresses and masters perform medical scenes. So this is what happened
when I visited a place called “Rava’s Clinic” in Stuttgart.

woman_exam_02.jpeg woman_exam_03.jpeg

I had made an appointment for a Saturday afternoon, about 3 p.m. asking
for a three hour session. I rang the bell and was admitted in a place
that looked just the set of “ER” or something like that. You won’t
believe it, but they have a patient’s room, an emergency room, a
treatment room and an OR! Everything looked incredibly real, there were
stretchers and wheel-chairs around, tags on the doors and the lady in
question (Rava) was dressed in green scrubs, looking like she had just
come from a difficult operation…. a real fantasy world. I sat a while
in her office and we discussed the session. Then I was shown the patient
room and was asked to undress and wait there. I put my clothes in the
locker and found a hospital gown on the bed.
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After a couple of minutes there was a knock on the door and a male
nurse, also in green scrubs, came in pushing a small stainless-steel
cart. He introduced himself as Marcus, the nurse in charge of my
physical and preparation. He checked me thoroughly, checking heart,
lungs and blood pressure. After that, he asked me to lie on the bed,
face down. I saw him taking some items from the cart. He put rubber
gloves on and opened a tube of KY-jelly (gulp!).

woman_exam_19.jpeg woman_exam_20.jpeg woman_exam_21.jpeg

Doctor Tushy

He asked me to relax and breathe deeply. As I pushed my face in the
cushion closing my eyes, I felt a hand separating my buttocks, and then
something cold and slippery slowly massaging my anal opening. After a
while the feeling became really pleasurable and I felt something
awakening between my legs. Since I was face down on the bed, the
erection remained a secret of mine. Marcus kept moving his fingers
around my anal region, slowly and gently relaxing the muscle and
massaging the whole perineum. While he worked, he told me this was
necessary because he had to give me an enema, and after that he had to
perform a manual check of my prostate.

After this was done I was to be moved to the treatment room, where Dr.
Rava would give me a series of larger enemas and a prostate massage. I
felt another movement between my legs (ummm…). Suddenly I felt one
finger gently pushing on my anal opening, and the going slowly in and
out. “I’m lubricating your anus,” said Marcus, “Just keep breathing and
try to relax.”

I closed my eyes again, and enjoyed the movements of his hands. After
two or three minutes Marcus told me to turn on my back, and… bingo,
there was an unmistakable bulge under the gown. He just smiled, made me
rest my head on the cushion, and pushed the gown out of the way,
uncovering my privates. He put an absorbent pad under my buttocks and
made me bend my legs slightly so that I was completely exposed.

“Here we go,” he said. “It’s just one quart, to empty your lower
rectum.” He brandished a very large metal syringe with a HUGE nozzle
(gulp!). He slowly inserted the nozzle. I didn’t feel discomfort at all,
since my anus was now very relaxed. He pushed the water in, slowly but
steadily and I felt a wonderful warmth invading me. The pressure
increased immediately, though and in a couple of minutes the syringe was
empty. Marcus slowly retracted the nozzle and immediately, and without
further words, he inserted a butt-plug. I tried to protest, because I
felt I really couldn’t hold it for long, but he just shushed me and told
me to lie down.

I saw him spreading some more KY on his right hand, which was still
gloved. He positioned himself on my right side. He put his left hand on
my belly and started to massage me with slow, circular movements. His
right hand went to my penis, which, by now, had gone almost soft again.
His hands kept moving for a while, massaging my belly and my penis with
long, expert strokes.

Wellll… suddenly the water inside me wasn’t an urgent problem any
more. I felt my erection coming back again and in a couple of minutes I
was rock-hard and in imminent danger of exploding. That’s when Marcus
stopped his massage.

I came out of the bathroom, having expelled the first one-liter (about 1
qt.) enema. Upon entering the room, I noticed that Marcus had covered
his green scrubs with a long, light-blue rubber apron. As I closed the
door, he was snapping on a fresh pair of rubber gloves. He had
positioned the small cart on the left side of the bed, and I could see a
couple of very suspicious looking items… sigh!

“All right.” he said with a smile, “Come on here, and hop on the bed…
that’s fine. Now turn on your belly and stand on your knees… no, keep
your head and shoulders down, so that your buttocks are pointing up…
that’s it. Good boy. Now, keep breathing and try to relax. Here we go.”

Now I was on all fours, with my face pressed down in the cushion and my
butt up in the air… and I was starting to feel nervous. Once more I
felt a gloved hand separating my buttocks and the now familiar slippery
coldness of the KY jelly. Marcus repeated the anal massage, this time
his fingers moving faster.

He circled slowly the anal muscle and then gently pushed one finger
behind the sphincter, with an in-and-out motion. He continued this way
for a while, moving slowly and gently but expertly softening and
dilating my anus and the surrounding tissues. My whole anal region felt
warm and soft now and the pole between my legs lifted its head once more.

The massage went on for several minutes, and not without embarrassment I
noticed that I had started to drip some pre-cum (blush!). Marcus’
fingers went deeper now. At one point he told me to take a deep breath
and then release it. While the air escaped my lungs I felt something
touching a spot deep inside me, and my penis twitched.

“I’m touching your prostate, now,” said Marcus. “Everything seems OK. Do
you feel any discomfort?”

I could only shake my head no.

“Good. The shape and size is normal. And I see that your semen glands
work properly.”

Oh…man! “Now, for the last part of your physical, I’ll insert an
anoscope, and check for abnormalities. Please don’t move and keep
breathing.” I saw Marcus take from the cart what looked like a
transparent plastic tube with a sort of bullet-shaped head

I felt the finger retreating, and something MUCH bigger and colder
pushing on my anus. “It’s a small size, don’t worry. It won’t hurt. Just
push, like you’re having a bowel movement… that’s it. It’s inside.” My
anus gave way and the whole tube was in. Marcus pulled something free,
and there was a feeling of cold air inside me. I saw him switching a
pen-light on, and bending to look inside me… sort of embarrassing …!

I felt his hand adjusting the scope a couple of times, in the following
minutes, while he checked thoroughly my insides.

“Well, from what I see, you are perfectly all right. I’m finished. Let
me just clean you out, and then we can proceed to the treatment room.
Put your slippers on and wait for me.”

The huge tube was retrieved and I felt his hands once more, this time
wiping my anus, buttocks and (wow!) penis with some paper tissues. I
lowered my gown and sat on the bed. Marcus left the room for a while,
and returned with… a stretcher.

“Let’s do things properly. Jump on. It’s going to be a short ride,”. I
did as I was told and he wheeled me out of the room, in a very short
corridor. He stopped outside a white door, and told me step down and

This room was much bigger that my patient’s room. It looked REALLY like
an OR… no joking. There was a treatment table in the middle, covered
in green sheets, with stainless-steel stirrups and a huge lamp overhead.
The table was surrounded by lots of carts, shelves and chrome standers,
like the ones they use in hospitals. The whole room was decorated in
light-green and smelled of antiseptic. I could hear soft music playing.
Marcus made me lie on the bed and positioned my legs in the stirrups,
pulling high my gown. Once more, my genital and anal regions were
completely exposed, not to mention my half-erect penis.

“Here you are. Comfortable?” he asked me. I nodded, gulping. “Don’t be
nervous,” said Marcus. “I guarantee you’re going to enjoy this. Let me
fix your legs.” He adjusted the straps on the stirrups and fastened
them. “There. All done. Now, just relax and enjoy.”

He moved on the other side of the room and I heard noises, while he
busied himself with different instruments. At that point, the door
opened and Dr. Rava entered the room. She was still dressed in scrubs,
but had a long, white coat on, with a stethoscope around her neck.

Her manner was very professional and business-like. She greeted me and,
without further ado, started to palpate my abdomen, moving slowly down
to my testicles and anus. She pushed and prodded, she pulled my foreskin
down (I am not circumcised), she pulled on my sack, asking now and then
if I felt any discomfort.

After about five minutes of this, she turned and snapped on a pair of
light-brown rubber gloves.

“Very good.” she said. “Marcus checked you thoroughly and everything
seems to be OK, so I think we can proceed with the treatment… Marcus,
are you ready?”

I tried to watch between my raised legs, and I saw that Marcus was
approaching from the far side of the room. He was pushing a IV pole,
with two enormous rubber bags hanging from it…

Marcus wheeled the IV stand near the table. He wore a long surgical coat
now and had rubber gloves on. The bags hanging from the pole are HUGE.
They are both made of rubber (the amber, translucent kind), and there
are long, red tubes coming out form them. Suddenly, I felt something
between my legs. Dr. Rava was squeezing some kind of oil on my genitals,
from a plastic bottle. Marcus stepped on my right side.

“I need you to relax, now,” said Dr. Rava. “Try to concentrate on your
penis, it will make the water flow easier. The first enema is two liters
(about two qt.) and the third will be three liters. We’ll start with a
double inflatable nozzle, and then we’ll go to a colon tube. Breathe

She had a double inflatable nozzle in her left hand, connected with the
first of the two bags. I felt her right hand go to my anus, and start
probing. At the same time, Marcus started working on my testicles and
penis, slowly massaging the sack, and stroking the shaft, up and down,
spreading the oil…

Once again I felt a granite erection developing. Dr. Rava had her finger
inside me, carefully lubricating the whole anal region. After a while
(it’s difficult to say how long, with Marcus’ hands on me) her finger
retreated and I felt the rubber ball pushing on my anal opening. The
insertion was incredibly easy… my anus is soft and giving, there’s no
discomfort at all. My penis had a twitch and Marcus stopped immediately
… I think they want to save that for later. There was the soft hiss of
air. The balloon grew inside me. The outer balloon was inflated, too….
it looks like I’m ready.

Dr. Rava did something with her left hand, and the water started
flowing. It’s lukewarm, and pleasant. I closed my eyes and tried to
relax. My lower abdomen felt warm and soft. The hands on my penis were
at work again. Marcus massaged my belly too, spreading the oil, helping
the water find itsway.

Dr. Rava adjusted the nozzle several times, rotating it slightly and
rubbing my prostate in the process. I felt an explosion coming. The
pressure of the water was starting to increase. The warmth had now
reached my abdomen. My breath was coming faster now, the orgasm was
approaching. Marcus’ hands moved slower on me, his left and on my belly,
his right and going up and down on my erection, with deep and expert
strokes. I don’t think I can stand this much longer, I’m almost …

“There. It’s done.” I open my eyes. Dr. Rava was deflating the balloons.
The first bag was empty. Marcus threw his rubber gloves in the trash bin
and unfastened the straps holding my legs.

“OK, now you can get up and go to the bathroom. Move slowly… you’re
quite full.” I stood up slowly, my gown covering an eight-month-pregnant
belly. I walked carefully to the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I
caught sight of Dr. Rava and Marcus putting fresh gloves on, and
preparing the next step… gasp!

I sat on the toilet and…. (I’m not going to tell you what happened…
think of something between Niagara Falls and a very messy explosion, and
you’ll get the picture!). It took a LOT of time, but in the end, I felt
empty and ready to go on.

As I re-entered the room Marcus helped me on the table and put my legs
in the stirrups once more.

“You’re doing great. This is going to be the last one… keep
concentrating.” He slipped a small rubber cushion under my buttocks, so
that now they were slightly elevated.

“We’ll use a colon tube, this time,” said doctor Rava. She showed me a
verrrrry long and thin tube. “Actually, it’s a very soft urethral
catheter, but it’s great for the lower intestine, too.” While she
talked. she was massaging my anal opening again. The tube was about 4
ft. long, glistening with jelly. She’s actually planning to push that
whole thing inside me…? Oh, man!

“Please, push your buttocks a little forward, to me… that’s it, very
good… you’re too tense. Lie your head down, and close your eyes…
Marcus?” Marcus nods, putting a large pad on my abdomen. He squirts some
more oil on my now-soft penis.

Dr. Rava lowered her hands and I felt a tiny something pushing on my
anal ring. At the same time, Marcus wentto work again on my penis.
Well… so be it! I closed my eyes and abandonned myself completely.

I felt water, already. “I’ll let the water in while I’m inserting the
tube,” said Dr. Rava. “The process will be smoother this way.”

The warmth was back again, joined with the strangest feeling… like a
tingling inside me. The doctor’s hands kept moving and more and more of
the rubber tube wentin. My penis was hard again, and Marcus was
massaging faster now. Circular movements on my belly, fast strokes on my
shaft. The warmth has spread once more. I breath deeply and arch my
back. there’s no pressure now, only an incredible fullness, and this
fantastic warmth all over me. I opened my eyes shortly and saw that the
bag is half-empty. My belly was bulging, my penis was hard as a rock.
Marcus added some oil tohis hands and watched Dr. Rava briefly. She
nodded and put two finger on my perineum, pushing on my prostate from
the outside. Marcus put one hand on the base of my penis and with the
other started his up-and-down massage again. This time even faster,
stopping on the head with small circular movements, like he’s squeezing
an orange… oh boy!

The bag was almost empty now. I felt the doctor’s hand between my
testicles and my anus, pushing, pushing… Marcus increased his pace…
and I feel it coming. Like an avalanche, when it starts you cannot stop
it. The pleasure became almost unbearable, their hands were all over me,
the warmth inside me has reached my chest. I arched my back again,
accepting the climax.

And I come. With long, sweet strokes, I saw the milky proof of my orgasm
squirting out of my penis, landing on the paper pad. Marcus helped me
prolong my orgasm, expertly pulling and pushing on my foreskin. It
seemed to go on forever… but (unfortunately) it was just for a few

I fell back on the table with a last convulsion of pleasure. Marcus kept
my penis in his hand, gently milking the last drops of semen. For a
while, there was silence. Dr. Rava slowly and carefully retrieved the
long rubber tube from my anus.

“Very good. It looks like you enjoyed it. Now rest on the table for a
while, and then you can go to the bathroom. You’ll notice the pressure
all too soon! Move slowly… you’re full now. It’s been a pleasure
working on you. I hope you’ll come and see us again soon. Marcus will
clean you up and note your next appointment. Take care.” She throws her
gloves in the trash and leaves the room.

Marcus was cleaning my genitals with a warm towel. Then he unfastened
the straps and helpt me up. While I went to the bathroom, I saw him
smiling… He knows I’m thinking of my next session.

Well… that’s it, people. I hope you liked it. Remember… that was a
true story (The 95% of it). There IS a Rava’s clinic in Stuttgart, and I
didn’t exaggerate at all in describing it… it’s really amazing!

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