sex with a doctor during medical exam

July 24, 2010

Such things like sex between female patient and male doctor is rare to happen and are strictly forbidden in regular gynaecological practice.
but we have managed to shoot these videos (of course these actors we being paid for the movie but their intention to have sex during medical exam was mutual. we pain only for the tape.)

“will you be tender with me doc?”

“or I have to suck your cock?”

your examination was over for today.  Check back regularly for more strict diagnosis.

Finally, we both erupted, Garrett only a few seconds ahead of me. This
was the first time we ever had unprotected sex, and we watched, amazed that
cum was oozing and spurting out of the girls from our orgasmic pelvic
rhythm. I knew we were heavy shooters but this was so cool to watch.

devoted to private clinic exams

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