virgin sex with doctor during gyno exam

October 7, 2010


Before in this episode:
Gyno Chair Sex A beautiful brunette babe comes for speculum gyno exam but get fucked by a doctor

She was on his office for 2 hours already and he checked her virginity.
She got horny after his tender and careful examination of her labia, and she asked him to break her hymen.
So she can said her mama it had happen accidentaly during the last gyn visit.
He nodded and proceed to his hard work by doing it in old familiar right way.

Gyn Clinic Sex A brunette babe comes for gyn exam but is seduced to have oral vaginal and anal sex with a doctor


His mouth slowly glided down her body, leaving wet kisses on her
soft ivory stomach. He kissed the top of her mound and she moaned.
He slid fully between her legs and tasted the moisture of her
throbbing cunt.

gyn_clinic_sex_09.jpgAs his tongue worked her, she struggled to sit up. She couldn’t
let him do this!

He looked up at her. Her blonde hair had fallen out of its neat
pins, and was tangled on her shoulders. Her face was flushed, her
lips were moist, and her full breasts were heaving as she stared at

“Lie back,” he commanded, a mixture of saliva and her juices
staining his lips and dripping from one corner of his mouth, “or I
can’t eat your pussy.”
Jeanine let her body rest on the bed, admitting to herself that
she didn’t want him to stop. His tongue flicked on her clit a few more
times, then he drew back.

“Kneel on the bed,” he ordered. She rose onto her hands and
knees. He knelt behind her and slid his fingers into her moist cunt.
“Now,” he said to her, “I’m going to slip my cock inside you.”


Jeanine felt an instant of pain as he entered her, followed by a
thrill shooting from her clit to her nipples. She moaned as he thrust


again, sending streaks of fire to her breasts. Pleasure coursed over
her as he stroked her breasts and whispered, “There’s nothing I like
better than a little virgin with a tight pussy and big tits.” Again
and again he thrusted, and she met him with every thrust.


Just as the
last thrill of exploding pleasure dissipated, she felt him come, his
cock pulsing inside her.


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